The /u2/eclipse/JS.INV.DATA.EXPORT contains data that is uploaded to Johnstone Corporate. After the upload is complete, these files are no longer needed and should be purged to prevent disk issues.

To purge these files from Eclipse:

There is a Data Extract File Purge program on the Johnstone Menu. From the Johnstone Menu, choose the BI Data Extracts menu, then Purge Data Extract File. Key in a Branch (or,ALL), Key in a Purge Date, then run to the hold file. This process can be scheduled in the phantom with a variable date. The data files are not needed after the files are transmitted. Some Johnstones will schedule to run daily, with variable date of MO/ -1/YR. which will purge the previous day's files.

To purge files older than one week from the command line in Linux (not recommended unless the first option doesn't work):

find /u2/eclipse/JS.INV.DATA.EXPORT -mtime +7 -delete